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Morganna’s Alchemy is a line of luxury skin care products created by Chemist Maya Hyppolite-Williams (M.A). Maya began developing skin care treatments with her family in mind. In fact, she was able to use her expertise to create a cream for her aunt, who was suffering from the side effects of Botox treatments, and needed a cream that would allow her to reduce her treatments. That cream became Morganna’s Elixir, now a number one selling, wrinkle reduction cream made with a plant so popular in South America, that it is used for medicinal purposes.

Maya extends this same passion for results to her clients now. The goal is simple: “To provide our clients with top notch service and the same quality of products.”

By carefully choosing organic active ingredients from Europe, Africa and Asia, Maya was able to create each and every cream with her signature of Phyto-Dermo-Cosmeceuticals. This means that multiple highly potent ingredients are put in synergy, giving the best possible results in the least amount of time. Wrinkle reduction, acne control, and age spot prevention and removal are achieved with no side effects. Simplicity and results are the main drivers behind Morganna’s Alchemy.

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